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  • 26th September 2023

Arts Depot support renewed

The Ove Arup Foundation has recently announced support for a further Arts Depot project, based in Barnet, North London.

For several years Arts Depot has been commissioning artists and designers to work with schools helping children and young people to consider environmental sustainability within the context of the built environment. The project engages with classes from one primary, one secondary and one SEN school who consider different materials and their impact on the environment and also the availability of recycled materials, new technologies and approaches to creating more sustainable communities.

The team selected in 2023 is GeoTone CIC who want to explore mythology, character making and how stories can inform designs and landscapes. Within their workshops they will introduce examples of car-less developments, design that incorporates living walls, housing projects that have accommodated migratory and travel patterns of wildlife. Pupils will learn about projects that have incorporated natural design and recycled materials. 

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