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  • 2014-2018

Fire Safety, Engineering and Society

Fire Safety, Engineering and Society is a research and education programme that integrates new concepts of building safety into the design process, focusing on creating a holistic view of engineering in terms of fire safety and economy. The programme engages with how human factors drive the outcome of fire safety, and how the industry might best be able to accommodate this behavior. Fire Safety, Engineering & Society equips engineers with a flexible approach that helps to future-proof fire safety methodology, encouraging curiosity beyond the traditional presumptions of engineering practice.


    • promoting interdisciplinary practice, stressing the importance of sociological approaches in engineering
    • deviates from taken-for-granted engineering principles, helping to future-proof fire safety methodology

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Fire Safety, Engineering and Society investigates and responds to the devastation caused by fires in informal settlements.

David Rush is an alumnus of Fire Safety, Engineering and Society, year 2013. He is a lecturer in Structural Engineering at the School of Engineering, Institute of Infrastructure and Environment, The University of Edinburgh.

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