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  • Project
  • 2015-2016

Building Energy Efficiency Technology and Engineering

Building Energy Efficiency Technology and Engineering is an international educational programme born of a partnership between the Foundation and Chongqing University’s School of Urban Construction and Environment Engineering. The programme focuses on the sustainable development of the built environment, with interdisciplinary practice as a key element; students and researchers glean knowledge from the perspective of approaches beyond their own majors. Sustainable practice is folded into the course and lecture teachings; the programme contributes towards the normalised production of sustainable future infrastructure, whilst also bolstering participants’ skillsets with cross-disciplinary experience.


    • embedding sustainability as a standard part of the built environment design and build process, starting at undergraduate teaching level
    • promoting interdisciplinary learning within architecture and engineering, with a view to strengthening both fields
    • providing a replicable model for other universities, spreading the promotion of sustainable design and management beyond Chongqing University

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Building Energy Efficiency Technology and Engineering carries out beneficial research into our working spaces.

Ziqiao Li is an alumnus of Building Energy Efficiency Technology and Engineering at Chongqing University, and is studying for a PhD in Built Environment at the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering, Loughborough University.

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