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  • 2005-2011


Constructionarium drives practical application in the design and engineering sector, creating a controlled environment for students and professionals to build structures, putting their knowledge into practice. An approach originating at Imperial College London, Constructionarium values the insight brought by hands-on construction outside of the office or lecture theatre. It holds week-long field courses or field trips for students where participants construct scaled down versions of bridges, buildings, dams and civil engineering projects from all around the world. Constructionarium helps students and professionals to bridge the theory and practice gap, reinforcing them for post-university project challenges and the evolving design demands of future cities. They have worked with a network of organisations and universities.


    • bridging the gap between design and practice, applying the benefit of interdisciplinary collaboration
    • enabling theory experts to experience practical application
    • providing students with practical knowledge that will bolster their adaptability in the creation of future cities

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Providing hands-on building experience for students and professionals through projects with Constructionarium has led Tara Maiorano to realise her dream of working on construction sites.

Tara Maiorano is a Constructionarium alumnus following her participation in 2015, and she has also worked with them as a sponsored Careys supervisor during projects in 2016 and 2018. She now works as an engineer for Careys Civil Engineering.

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