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  • 14th September 2021

TeenTech / Ove Arup Virtual Festival 2021/22

Ove Arup Foundation recently announced support for Teentech to develop a programme promoting all aspects of the Built Environment for disadvantaged schools.

TeenTech propose a blended ‘Build Your Future’ programme, comprising virtual and in-person sessions, themed around the Built Environment.

The sessions will be delivered virtually by Teentech’s experienced broadcasters who have worked with disadvantaged students in the classroom as well as via virtual delivery.

Several showcase events will present a great opportunity to engage and inspire the next generation in all areas of the Built Environment, showcasing the importance of digital, scientific and engineering skills.

The design of the programmes will be to enrich and extend the existing school curriculum, helping young people see the relevance of all subjects, and will promote cross-curricular work. The overall aim is to raise students’ aspirations and the profile of career opportunities in the Built Environment.

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