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  • 2nd November 2020

Series 2 of World@Home STEM Challenge in development

The Ove Arup Foundation will be providing a second round of support for the World@Home STEM Challenge to assist families during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Right for Education is the largest e-learning charity in Africa with 6.5 million learners across Africa. The Learning Partnership (TLP) has run some of the largest and most successful STEM challenges in recent years.

The group has come together in support of families experiencing lockdown, to deconstruct large-scale challenges into daily smaller challenges that can be taken on by anyone, anywhere on the planet, from home, with resources they will have in the home.

Series 2 production of World Challenge Club in Africa is now underway, following the successful launch of series 1 in the UK during May and June, which saw 9.5 million views of the virtual STEAM programme for TV and Web.

The developmental demands for series 2 have increased, as Mexico's government has announced its intention to deliver TV-based education to 30 million children over the coming six months. This approach is being replicated across much of Spanish-speaking Central and South America, and therefore necessitates the creation of Spanish-language versions of all existing content.

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