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  • 29th October 2020

Placed Education boost for Covid-struck students

The Ove Arup Foundation will be supporting the Placed Education programme to assist young people’s study of the built environment during the complex and difficult education landscape of the Covid-19-era.

2020 has been an unprecedented year, comprising the Covid-19 pandemic, a critical stage of the 'Black Lives Matter' movement, a further push in the youth-led Extinction Rebellion campaign and growing societal inequality.

These significant events have highlighted not only structural racial inequality and climate change anxiety, particularly amongst young people, but also how the UK’s educational and social disadvantage has been significantly compounded by Covid-19. Young people, especially those from communities experiencing multiple deprivations, have significantly missed out on work experience, mentoring, and learning outside the classroom experiences.

In parallel, Covid-19 restrictions have resulted in a renewed connection and appreciation of local places and spaces.

This proposal aims to respond to all the above, using the interdisciplinary context of ‘place’ to develop national educational resources and experiences, which:

  • build on the Generation Place Curriculum Mapping Report to develop curriculum-linked resources that can reach and have a positive impact on large numbers of children/young people;
  • develop an ambitious national programme of effective place-based educational activities that positively influences the lives of young people across the UK, and addresses key contemporary issues in society;
  • respond to the impact the Covid-19 crisis has had on the lives and education of young people – including those from communities experiencing limited opportunities to connect with industry/careers opportunities – whilst reconnecting people to place, and contributing to an educational and civic recovery curriculum;
  • inspires and engages young people from diverse backgrounds, through the context of place, providing access to role models and supporting the next generation of place-makers, who will put equity and sustainability at the heart of their practice.
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