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  • 20th November 2018

TEDxWarwick project

The Ove Arup Foundation has recently announced support for the TEDxWarwick project, based at the University of Warwick.

TEDxWarwick is inspired by the TED ethos of “ideas worth spreading”. As a society, it aims to bring people together to share a vivid TED-like experience, inviting speakers from around the world from a range of backgrounds to come to Warwick to share and spark deep, meaningful conversations: from technology, business, and sciences, to their extraordinary experiences and beyond.

TEDxWarwick discusses topics involving technology and architecture to encourage the understanding of issues and technology involved about the built environment. During 2018-2019 there are two main themes for events: Architects of Tomorrow and By Design.

  • By Design: Focuses on how the structural reconfiguration of big ideas can create an impact on our lives on every scale. The salon aims to provide a platform for a special calibre of thinkers, designers, entrepreneurs: all of those people tackling big issues, finding solutions, and creating remarkable change.
  • Architects of Tomorrow: The foundation stones of the future are being laid. The innovations of tomorrow's culture, business, and society; its scientific breakthroughs and its political revolutions, are being built today, by forward thinking individuals all around the world.

With this in mind, TEDxWarwick 2019 casts its eyes forward to the future that it is in the midst of creating, for better or worse.

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