The Anglo Danish Society – 2017

The Ove Arup Foundation made two awards in 2017 to students who will be carrying out post-graduate studies, both at the Royal Danish Academy for Fine Arts, KADK, in Copenhagen.

Dominic Hoehn – The science of cities: an ethnography of evidence-based approaches to urban design in Denmark

How are future cities designed? What information do urban decision-makers consider, and what does it mean to make design ‘scientific’? The research will examine what ‘evidence-based design’ means in practice in Denmark to contextualise and evaluate the implications of a ‘science of cities’ – especially with reference to the history of urban design and the failures of modernist urban planning.

Jordan McCrae – Just how ‘liveable’ is the world’s most liveable city?

Copenhagen has again been rated the world’s most liveable city, 2016, by Metropolis Magazine. However, the reality for many of its inhabitants is often far from ‘liveable’. Rising property prices, under provision of housing and population growth are leading to both an over-reliance on often crippling mortgages and the social segregation of the city.

Alternative housing development models could provide opportunities to cut out the profit-driven developer and result in better and cheaper housing within the city.

This research and design will also be relevant to the UK context, where a similar crisis is emerging. Thus, the opportunity to learn from and exchange ideas between the two countries is immense.