University of Queensland

University of Queensland hosts Foundation Lecture

The second of three Ove Arup Foundation-funded lectures at the University of Queensland, entitled ‘The Architect and Engineering Technology’, took place in November 2015.

Video from the lecture has just become available, and are available here.

The lecture focused on the complexity of the relationship between architects and the quickening evolution of engineering technology.

The key speaker was Dr Alan Cheville of the T. Jefferson Miers Chair in Electrical Engineering at Bucknell University. Peter Burnton the Arup Group industry advisor to the Civil Engineering Department of the UofQ introduced The Ove Arup Foundation to the colloquia.

The lecture was part of a series of three held with distinguished speakers. The lectures are the centrepiece of three-day colloquia designed to inform and engage key stakeholders.


Ove Arup Foundation Lecture: Constraints beget innovation

Professor Luke Bisby
Professor Luke Bisby

The University of Queensland hosted the first Ove Arup Foundation lecture on 7 November 2014.

Professor Luke Bisby, the Arup/Royal Academy of Engineering Chair of Structures & Fire, University of Edinburgh presented ‘How Integrating Constraints begets Innovation in Design: The Special Case of Fire Safety Engineering’, and generated an enthusiastic response with many questions from a university and industry audience of over 200.

The Public Lecture followed a three-day workshop examining the roles of regulation, education, competence and public expectation in the perceived constraint on innovation in fire safety engineering and building design.

This work, which featured international academics led by Professor Jose Torero (University of Queensland) and featuring Arup’s Dr Andrew Maher (Melbourne), will lead to a White Paper on global policy development and regulatory reform for the construction industry, particularly as applied to fire safety engineering.