Hong Kong University

HKU01MSc in Interdisciplinary Design + Management (MIDM)

MIDM is an executive Masters programme, providing a collaborative learning opportunity for experienced professionals engaged in shaping the built environment.

The highly specialised part-time course, taught in extended weekend modules over two years, develops students’ ability to cultivate the creative synergy that makes for effective teamwork. The course is intended for those with at least three years’ experience in design, procurement, construction, policy-making or management of buildings, projects or urban districts. Graduates will have formed a cross-professional network capable of promoting a holistic, innovative engagement of the design, procurement and construction chain.

MIDM is the first course of its kind outside the UK, and was created in response to a pressing demand for Hong Kong’s design and construction industry to adapt to the region’s business and creative environment, brought about in part by government’s call for industry reform. One objective of the course is to help design teams address the challenges facing Asian cities and buildings in a comprehensive manner, cutting across disciplines to discover innovative, sustainable strategies for their future development. MIDM also seeks to get to grips with external forces on the industry, to stimulate creative thinking and to broaden perspective through the sharing ideas.

The course is hosted by the Department of Architecture, in collaboration with numerous related university departments and with contributions from local industry and internationally renowned visiting lecturers.

To find out more, please visit the MIDM website at www.midm.hku.hk.