Girl’s Garage project to tackle inequality

The Ove Arup Foundation has recently announced support for the Girl’s Garage project, based in Berkeley, California.

The innovative design and building programme offers a pathway for girls aged 9-13 to explore, improve, and apply creative and technical skills through real-world projects.

One of the primary aims of the project is to tackle inequality in architecture, design and the building trade by enrolling and matriculating 72 girls of mixed nationality, mixed race and low income in its one-year, 10-module course.

Course designers hope that students will experience of the power of creativity and making, as well as increased confidence and community leadership skills. There will also be a strand exploring the many possibilities for continued learning and vocation in fields of architecture, engineering and design.

Girl’s Garage has built a community of over 400 girls and family members who are deeply committed to further building and connecting young underprivileged girls to high-level opportunities related to the built environment. It also has strong partnerships with other organisations and educational institutions including the University of California Berkeley College of Environmental Design (where their founder is a professor), IT companies and local design firms.