Generation Place to engage and inspire future place-makers

The Ove Arup Foundation has provided funding for three architecture centres to work toward a new platform to inspire the next generation of creative place-makers.

Generation Place ( is an initiative developed by Architecture Centre Bristol, 22 Sheds and MADE. Its aim is to harness the talents of organisations across the UK that specialise in educating young people about place. These talents will be channelled into a national network of expertise, gathering individual programmes, professionals and organisations from across disciplines to share and encourage best practice.

On launching the initiative at UCL London, Amy Harrison, head of learning and participation at the Architecture Centre Bristol, said: “We need to engage young people in placemaking today to ensure a liveable and vibrant future for our cities.”

Generation Place projects are intended to be flexible, and can take many forms: week-long summer academies; careers-focused design challenges; one-to-one mentoring; city expeditions for schools; or even community live-build projects with young people.

The potential positive effects of Generation Place projects on young people are manifold. They reach such areas as employability and careers insights, political empowerment and active citizenship, and developing creativity, communication skills and confidence.