Apply for a grant

Smaller Projects – Applying for a grant

A majority of the Ove Arup Foundation’s annual funds are allocated by the charity’s Trustees and Advisors to commission research or instigate new teaching initiatives that enhance new thinking in engineering education.

Each year we set aside a portion of our budget to support projects that we consider to be consistent with the Foundation’s education purposes in the built environment. The Foundation does not support individuals.

In deciding whether to agree to a request for assistance, the Foundation will first need to determine that the application is relevant to the Foundation’s aims.

Each initiative awarded a grant by the Foundation will be assigned a Trustee, who will liaise with the organisation or individual to offer advice and encouragement. At the end of the grant-period, the sponsored organisation is required to produce a report on how its initiative has progressed, the outcomes and how the grant aided this. The Foundation may post notice of the grant or project outcome on this website.

Small, one-off donations are occasionally considered for a purpose or activity that the Foundation views as worthwhile in itself.

If your initiative fits the criteria above and you would like to approach the Foundation for assistance, please complete the application form (Word Doc, 33kb) to the best of your ability and send to John Ward at