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The Teaching of Structural Analysis

TeachStructAnalysisThe Teaching of Structural Analysis
Professor Ian M May & Dr David Johnson – Report Summary

Ian May and David Johnson approached The Ove Arup Foundation to seek our support for this paper. We were attracted by the proposal because we were already providing funds for a separate paper outlining research into the teaching of design to engineering undergraduates, and structural analysis is one of the essential building blocks for good design in engineering and architecture.

In particular, it enabled us to encourage the authors to think about how the teaching of structural analysis might be framed to encourage students to develop a feel for how structures actually behave. This framing would in turn foster a culture of simplicity and elegance of thought and outcome. Our suggestions were very warmly received, and were adopted by the authors. We hope their paper will help both teachers and students to exploit the opportunities that modern analytical techniques provide – including the power of computing – and not themselves to become a servant of them.

A copy of the report can be downloaded here: The Teaching of Structural Analysis (5.2MB pdf).

Interdisciplinary Skills for Built Environment Professionals

InterdisciplinarySkillsInterdisciplinary Skills For Built Environment Professionals
Professor David Nethercot

In 1999 the Trustees of the Ove Arup Foundation published a report highlighting the serious decline in applications from bright young people to study engineering, and especially built-environment courses. A particularly serious skill-shortage lies within the building services specialities.

The report, entitled ‘Interdisciplinary Skills For Built Environment Professionals’, focused minds on the seriousness of the situation, and concluded that courses involving a high level of interdisciplinary thinking and project work seem to attract better students.

A copy of the report can be downloaded from below.

Interdisciplinary Skills For Built Environment Professionals (9.7MB pdf)