Who we are

Sir Ove Arup wanted the man-made world to be a better place, and he was deeply concerned about the inability of mankind to make it so. He was saddened by the separations dividing the professions working in the built environment, which so often means that the end result falls far short of its potential.

Ove’s enthusiasm for the challenge of design – whether of a chess set or a city centre – was infectious, and it was his delight to work with young people. When he died in 1988, the leaders of the design, engineering and consulting firm he founded set up the Ove Arup Foundation in his memory.

Its overall purpose is for ‘the advancement of education directed towards the promotion, furtherance and dissemination of knowledge of matters associated with the built environment’. The Foundation pursues these objectives in acknowledgement of Ove’s contribution over many decades ‘with emphasis on the multi-disciplinary nature of design in engineering and architecture’.

The Foundation’s mission is to stimulate and educate those working in the built environment, and particularly to encourage them to develop a wide understanding of the issues and the technologies involved. Its principal focus is within postgraduate and undergraduate education, promoting new thinking and initiatives that are likely to reach a wide audience all round the world.

The Foundation was registered in the UK as a charity in March 1989.